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Bubbles Dance Upper Key Stage 2

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Bubbles Dance Upper Key Stage 2 (ages 9-11) provides a clear structure for promoting creative learning through dance.

Bubbles Dance for Upper Key Stage 2 includes:-

Resource File

The resource file contains an introductory section, designed to demystify dance with easy-to-understand vocabulary and clear layout, followed by a Warm-Up games section. Additional cross-curricular theme links are also included to help teachers develop a repertoire of general dance skills and ideas which can be applied in other contexts.

There are 12 units, which are based on the following popular themes:-

Ancient Civilizations (including Egyptians, Greeks and Aztecs) –‘It’s All Greek to Me!’
Celebrations - ‘Come and Join the Celebration’
Life and Living Things - ‘That’s Life’
Feelings and Emotions - ‘Feeling Groovy’
Inventions - ‘A World of Cracking Ideas’
Earth and Beyond - ‘Spaced Out’
Material Behaviour - ‘Abracadabra!’
Intercultural Understanding – ‘The Spirit of Christmas’
Sound, Light and Electricity - ‘Music, Lights, Action’
Sustainability - ‘Eco Warriors’
Tudors/Victorians - ‘When Henry met Victoria’
Traditional Music from around the world -‘All Join Hands’

Using a skills-based approach and with clear references to other areas of learning, this cross-curricular resource will enable both practitioners and pupils to enjoy dance together through fun, inspiring activities.


The CD-Rom provides all sections of the resource file, including the Warm-Up games and theme units, in editable Microsoft® Word document format. There are also additional images and video clips for use with an interactive whiteboard to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Audio CD

The audio CD includes music tracks to support the Warm-Up games and theme units.

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