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Bubbles Music Key Stage 1

Bubbles Music Key Stage 1 - Primary resources which encourage creative, cross-curricular learning through music.

Also available to buy are the Music Key Stage 1 Lesson Plans for £30 extra!

Price (ex VAT): £70.00

Bubbles Music Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) provides a clear structure for promoting creative learning through music.

Bubbles Music for Key Stage 1 includes:-

Resource File

The resource file contains an introductory section, designed to demystify music with easy-to-understand vocabulary and clear layout. There is also a Warm-Up games section, as well as an introduction to simple music ICT, using Sound Recorder. Additional cross-curricular theme links are also included to help teachers develop a repertoire of general musical skills and ideas which can be applied in other contexts.

There are 12 units, which are based on the following popular themes:-

Sound, Forces and Motion – ‘Pirates!’
Celebrations – ‘Come and Join the Celebration’
History Timelines – ‘The Famous Five’
Creative Literacy – ‘Fairies and Frogs’
Animals and Living Things – ‘Where the Wild Things Are’
The Locality – ‘Neighbourhood Watch’
Materials – ‘Whatever the Weather’
Intercultural Understanding – ‘The Spirit of Christmas’
Light and Electricity – ‘Bright Sparks!’
Family life in the past – ‘Happy Families’
Plants - 'How does your Garden Grow?’
Contrasting Localities – ‘Beside the Seaside’

Using a skills-based approach and with clear references to other areas of learning, this cross-curricular resource will enable both practitioners and pupils to enjoy music together through fun, inspiring activities.


The CD-Rom provides all sections of the resource file, including the Warm-Up games and theme units, in editable Microsoft® Word document format. There are also additional images and video clips for use with an interactive whiteboard to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Audio CD

The audio CD includes 53 tracks to support the Warm-Up games and theme units, including vocal and backing tracks for our original, catchy songs.

Bubbles Music Key Stage 1 Lesson Plans

altThe Bubbles Music Lesson Plans are designed to support the less confident primary teacher and any practitioners who feel they need a little more detailed prescription.  By splitting the twelve units up into six lesson plans, teachers are able to work through the unit phases at their own pace.  Each activity is described in detail and a playlist is provided so that extra tracks can be sourced and incorporated to enhance lessons, as well as still using the tracks on the Bubbles Music Audio CD.  These plans are designed to be used in conjunction with the Bubbles Music Key Stage One Resource File.  Support and training is available to help schools get the best out of their Bubbles resources.

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