Bubbles Dance Key Stage 1
Bubbles Dance Early Years
Bubbles Dance Early Years

Bubbles Dance Early Years - resources promoting creative development through dance

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Bubbles Dance for Early Years includes:-

Resource File

The resource file contains an introductory section, designed to demystify dance with easy-to-understand vocabulary and clear layout. There is also a Warm-Up games section,

There are 12 units, which are based on the following popular themes:-

Myself and My Family – ‘Family Fortunes’
Celebrations – ‘Come and Join the Celebration’
Toys – ‘Toytown’
Colours – ‘Over the Rainbow’
Teddy Bears – ‘If you go down to the Woods Today’
Journeys – ‘Ticket to Ride’
Houses, Homes and where I live – ‘Home Sweet Home’
All about Christmas – ‘The Spirit of Christmas’
Traditional Stories – ‘Once Upon a Time’
People who help us – ‘Helping Hands’
Animals – ‘Animal Crackers’
The Big, Wide World – ‘What a Wonderful World’


The CD-Rom provides all sections of the resource file, including the Warm-Up games and theme units, in editable Microsoft® Word document format. There are also additional images for use with an interactive whiteboard to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Audio CD

The audio CD includes tracks to support the Warm-Up games and theme units.

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