Why Bubbles?

We decided on Bubbles as a brand because our resources work on the creative  basis of generating ideas, like thought bubbles, that can then be developed flexibly and go off in different directions! There is still clear structure and support within Bubbles to ensure that all musical abilities are catered for, from the novice to the more specialist music teacher. We nurture the novice and excite the expert!

Why Music, Dance and Drama?

We realised, through our curriculum development work, that schools were finding it particularly difficult to integrate these three subjects within a creative curriculum. We thought that was a huge pity, as they are naturally creative subjects that can really enhance the learning in other curriculum areas. A lack of staff training and confidence, plus very few resources which offer a repertoire of ideas to help you get started, really got us thinking... resulting in Bubbles!

How do you ensure progression?

Bubbles is based on the Skills Ladders for Music, Dance and Drama which form part of the Dimensions Creative Curriculum Toolkit and we have used these in order to build progression and differentiation into these subject area.

What’s the relationship between Dimensions Curriculum and Bubbles?

Dimensions Curriculum is our company name and Bubbles Music, Dance and Drama form part of our product range (with more new resources to come, so watch this space!) 




Primary Teacher Training

We offer training in MUSIC, DANCE and DRAMA for Early Years and Primary Teachers!

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