Supportive, not Prescriptive!

We find the Bubbles resources provide a great bank of ideas that are supportive without being too prescriptive. As non-specialist teachers, we like the way they give enough structure and help you make cross-curriculuar links with other subjects. They've even inspired some of our themes and we've built the learning around them, like 'Come and Join the Celebration'.

The Staff, Merton Abbey Primary School

Thank you for the inspiring Bubbles Music day you presented to staff on Tuesday. Everyone is really enthusiastic about how easy music delivery can be. It really did meet the needs of our school - suitable for non-musicians, lots of creative thinking and most importantly FUN! Our only reserve is that we didn't book the full day! Many thanks for your time, enthusiasm and simple approach in supporting our team.

Primary Headteacher, Ipswich


As a non-specialist teacher, I have found Bubbles Music an invaluable resource, without which I would find teaching music very difficult. It clearly explains everything so that I understand the content of what I am teaching and the topics are manageable so that they can easily be taught in short weekly lessons over a half term or can be taught in a 3/4 longer sessions meaning that they easily fit into a school timetable. My class have really enjoyed the topics that we have covered and particularly enjoy the warm-ups.

Clare Hobson, KS2 Teacher, East Riding 

I have recently been using Bubbles Music with my Year 1 class and, as a non-music specialist, have been surprised at how easy it is to follow. It gives me clear guidance and enough structure to enable me to teach music lessons effectively, whilst still allowing me some autonomy and creativity of my own as part of my themes. By teaching music as part of our themes, it allows the learning journey to continue in a relevant context and the children enjoy the lessons more. I would highly recommend buying Bubbles Music, as I now feel I have much more confidence in teaching music.

Primary teacher, Preston



The Bubbles Music training was inspirational. As a non-specialist I now feel confident enough to approach music lessons without the ‘fear factor’!
Highly recommended.

Primary Headteacher, Lancashire


We like Bubbles Music because:
It is differentiated and reinforces the Speaking and Listening / Thinking skills we want to develop across the school. The warm-up games are fun. It links in well to the resources we already have for music, especially Music Express. Cross-Curricular and Multicultural links are clearly made. You don’t need specialist knowledge to deliver it. It links in well to our creative curriculum. The songs are catchy and are placed in a context. Our HLTA’s like it for the structure it provides for PPA Music sessions. It provides excellent value for money!

The Staff, St. Alban's RC Primary School


Bubbles resources are incredibly simple and easy to follow. The warm-up activities are great - my children are singing 'Radio Rock' continually at the moment!!! I like the fact it links with other resources we have in school and that it reinforces teaching in other curricular areas. I've found it to be an invaluable, creative way to teach and wouldn't hesitate in recommending the resources to other teachers.

Year 2 Teacher, Bolton


As a teacher delivering music during PPA sessions, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Bubbles series throughout the school. I have found that lessons are easy to plan using the resources and using the combination of audio CD and CD-ROM has made teaching much easier thanks to the clear structure and examples. I feel far more confident now, particularly with technical terms such as  "rhythm" and "timbre", as it is all explained so clearly, reinforced by examples on the CD. Children can apply the skills and I really feel that they are progressing in their musical development (and I am too!).

PPA Teacher, St. Matthew's Primary School

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